Beautify, Not Toxify With Organic Body Butters

Butter is not just Body Butter food you stuff into your mouth; now it's food it is possible to feed the skin also, due to highly hydrating organic body butters.

Brief Reputation Organic Butters
Organic butters are only that - organic. They're at the forefront inside the cosmetics industry's campaign to go healthy and eco-friendly by using 100 % natural ingredients. The theory behind this kind of butters just isn't new, though. For many years, and even dating as far back as the mid-fourteenth century, the ladies of West Africa are already gathering and processing shea, one of the most popular the different parts of body butter. They used the nut as lamp oil and ointment. They also tried on the extender for food, with shea as a vital supply of nutrition for that average Burkinabe family. Over it all, shea also saw use as a soapy --- you guessed it --- moisturizer.

Organic Body Butter: Then and Now
In the old days, making organic butter was very labor-intensive. The nuts must be boiled, sun-dried, and shelled manually. After that, they are crushed, roasted, pounded, and kneaded. Today, lots of women make organic butters within the confines of the homes, using liquid oils and ingredients they could easily pluck out of the pantry or make quick trips to the grocery for. Cosmetic companies spend and earn millions selling organic butters. Dermatologists, mothers, and Oprah recommend organic body butters. Teenagers, housewives, and career women incorporate organic body butters within their shopping lists and the household budget. The planet, it appears, moved butter-crazy.

Looking great the Healthy Way
Just what is it about organic Body Butter body butters that interest a lot of, from your rural communities in fourteenth-century Africa towards the posh homes of contemporary America? Experts say it is the 100 % natural ingredients. Organic butters allows you to moisturize your skin without the toxins which can be characteristic of factory-produced lotions. What's good for your system is good for the skin. Organic butters take this mantra further by hydrating your skin with nutrients that normally nourish the body. Then, too, organic butters do far more than moisturize. They relax and heal, and may even be part of other purposes, for example treating rashes, smoothing scars and wrinkles, and soothing muscle pains. With organic body butters, you beautify, not toxify. Who wouldn't want that?